Preparing to Gather at First Baptist Church and What to Expect


We plan to open our doors for worship Sunday morning, June 7, for one service at 10:30AM. As we open our doors, we want to love others well by creating an atmosphere for worship that is defined as safe in God’s eyes, and then also in our current cultural context.



  • Parking will be normal.

  • The building will be carefully sanitized prior to the service.

  • You may enter the building through any door at the front entrance. We will keep any doors propped open that we can.

  • We will not have any paper bulletins for now, but you will find a study guide for our current sermon series at a table in the foyer. Please make sure to take one of those. (If you are not able to come, we will mail a guide for you.)

  • We encourage attendees to maintain 6 feet of distance at all times.

  • There will be no nursery, Sunday School, or Children’s Church until further notice.

    • Please keep your children with you and help them to practice social distancing as best as you can. Children of all ages are welcome in our worship services. You can find sermon notes for kids by the mailboxes.

  • We encourage attendees to avoid close contact such as handshakes, hugs, etc.

  • We encourage attendees to cover coughs and sneezes. Attendees are also welcome (but not required) to wear a mask.

  • We encourage attendees to wash their hands or use the hand sanitizer available throughout the building. You may also bring your own.

  • The fellowship hall, kitchen, classrooms, and nursery will all remain closed during this time.



  • Initially, please seat one family per pew. Every other pew will be “closed” at this time, allowing for 6 feet distancing between each pew.

  • Each pew is 18 feet long, marked in 6 feet sections by the legs of the pew. If there are no more open pews, you may join another as long as you maintain the 6-foot distancing.

  • We ask that you do your best to move to your seat rather than congregating in the foyer. This will help us to maintain social distancing. There will be opportunity to fellowship after the service – preferably outside.


  • The worship service will begin at 9:30AM.

  • We will continue to record our sermons and they will be uploaded to our church website and Facebook by Sunday evening or Monday morning. Thank you for your patience.

  • We will join in congregational singing, with all songs and lyrics displayed on the screen.

  • Offering plates will not be passed during the service. They will be placed by the entrance to the auditorium. You may also continue to mail your checks to the church.



  • Once the service concludes, we ask that you continue to maintain social distancing as you leave your pew and the auditorium. Some of our aisles are narrow, so please be considerate. 

  • Once you have been dismissed, please make your way to the parking lot, always maintaining a 6-foot distance.



  • There will be hand sanitizer available throughout the church, but we also encourage you to bring your own.

  • Restrooms and water fountains are open, but we ask that you use them at your own discretion.

  • We will not be requiring masks, but you are certainly welcome to wear one during your time in the church.


We understand that these guidelines will be difficult to follow – and in many ways will not feel like church – but they are a good way to love others in our current cultural context, so keep love in mind. Practicing these guidelines can actually be a part of your worship to God – sacrificing your comfort for the good of others to display Christ’s love.

We also understand it will be best for many of you to stay home – whether you are sick, at risk, or have other virus-related concerns. You will not be “judged” for staying home – in fact that is probably the best choice for many of you. We will miss gathering with you, but will support you in whatever your decision!

Our first few gatherings will probably be small – and that will be good as we get used to these social distancing guidelines. I do not believe they will be permanent, but they may be the “norm” for the next few months. We’ll just see what the Lord has in store.

Of course, all our services will continue online so that if you choose to stay home, you can join with us in that way.

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9:30AM   Worship Service

10:45AM Prayer Meeting

*Due to COVID-19, we are only meeting on Sunday mornings. No Sunday School or Adult Bible Fellowship until further notice. 

Wednesday 6:30PM
Virtual Gospel Project (3yo-5th Grade)

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